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New beginnings, Brighter futures

Nurture Class Cookies

On Friday the Nurture class experienced their first remote learning cooking session. The students and Miss Shwe discussed what they were going to cook a week before, and recipes were sent out ahead of time to allow for the families to source the ingredients... Miss Collins got a bit confused and ended up with a Prawn pie. The students were encouraged to read over the recipe and adapt it to their taste. One student went for just white fish and another went for the whole mix of fish and seafood. 

During the session the students and their family followed the recipe and worked together with Miss Shwe and Miss Collins to produce their family meal. The remote lesson gave so many learning opportunities alongside quality family time and engaging with their classmates. 

The cooking was such a success that we will cooking every other week... next week we will be cooking savoury pastries.

As a follow up activity, the students will be writing their own recipe cards to keep at home and during their live sessions, discussing what changes they noticed as they created their Fish Pie.

A family commented that the Fish Pie was 'beautiful' 

I think we have a future chef in the making 🙂