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Support for the Cost of Living Crisis

There is a recognition that the number of families experiencing financial difficulties is on the increase, through the Resident Recovery Group, Wakefield Council and partners such as CAB and NOVA have come together to put in place a number of initiatives to support families experiencing difficulties.  There is a range of support available on matters such as Money, Energy, Food, Water and Housing.  There is also a number of Warm Spaces where people can go to keep warm, get a warm drink and access help.


The Resident Recovery Group recognise that on a regular basis you are likely to come across children and young people who are living in families experiencing a range of difficulties.  The attached Cost Of Living Support Guide, has been put together to help you point those in need in the right direction to get help.  We are keen that all these support initiatives are not the ‘best kept secret’ and this information is also shared as widely as possible with other support providers who your school may work with. Further information is also available on the Council web site.