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Wakefield Pupil Referral Units

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The Wakefield PRU system is re-locating, re-configuring and expanding to accommodate the growing number on roll across Key Stages 2, 3 and 4

After many months of planning the whole process will begin week beginning 2nd July 2018 and will continue through until September 2019

The Key Stage 2/3 Provision

In September 2018 the main KS2/3 provision will be based on St Georges Road, Lupset WF2 8BB. It will continue to be named The Priory Centre, DFE number 1101 It will have a capacity for 42 young people.

Due to expanding numbers on roll the KS2/3 Priory Centre will oversee an offsite facility based in Castleford, the Castledene Centre, on Pontefract Road, Castleford WF10 4JE This centre will have 9 young people on roll in September 2018. Throughout the academic year 2018/19 this site will be further developed, both internally and externally, to create a provision with a capacity for 24 young people.


The Key Stage 4 Provision one year on

In September 2019 the main KS4 provision will be based on Pontefract Road, Crofton WF4 1LL. It will continue to be known as The Springfield Centre, DFE number 1100. In addition to the main hub, the KS4 Provision will also include 3 locality offsite learning centres catering for the more disengaged young people from each area:

The George Centre

2-4 George-a-Green Road, Lupset, WF2 8HN. The provision will cater for up to 24 young people from the Lupset, Ossett, Horbury and Outwood districts.

The Hilltop Centre

Kershaw Avenue. Airedale, WF10 3ES. The provision will cater for up to 16 young people from the Airedale and Castleford districts

The SESKU Centre

Church Mount South Kirkby, WF9 3QS.  The provision will cater for up to 16 young people from the South Kirkby, South Emsall and Upton districts.


Academic Year 2018/19 developments in Key Stage 4

Throughout the academic year 2018/19 significant building works will be completed at the Crofton site. This will result in the site having a capacity for 60 young people in September 2019. The site will consist of the original main building, a new 4 classroom annex together with a vocational building, housing Motor Vehicle and Construction courses.


Due to potential Health and Safety issues at the developing Crofton site throughout the academic year 2018/19, the site will be maintained with minimal young people on roll. The Springfield Centre will be a split-site centre for Year 11.

The SESKU Centre will be a split site with the Springfield Centre and cater for mainly Year 10 young people. This site will be developed to have up to 30 on roll.


As with many other Local Authorities the Wakefield District has seen a significant increase in Key Stage 2, 3 and 4 young people being permanently excluded from their mainstream schools or academies. Working closely with Education and Inclusion, School Strategy and Performance and Schools Organisation the relocation process is the culmination of four years planning to accommodate the increase in numbers.

Due to unforeseen planning issues relating to Green Belt conservation, the relocation was confirmed to all staff, pupils and parents in early June 2018. This has created a delay to the programme of three months. Despite this delay the Wakefield PRU Senior Teams in collaboration with the Local Authority have decided to move immediately ready for a September 2018 start.

As a result of the relocation process, five out of the six learning centres across the Wakefield PRU system will operate throughout 2018/19 in a different way. Some will have a different remit at the start of academic year 2019/20. This transitional period has been planned for and will maintain the high standard of provision, progress and learning the SLT demand on a daily/weekly basis.

The Senior Management teams within the Wakefield PRUs envisage a busy year ahead, and whilst every effort has been made to reduce disruption across the whole of the Wakefield PRUs we may experience issues relating to pupil journeys and travel times. The re-location of the Wakefield PRUs is an exciting time for us and we look forward to the future with bigger and better provision, creating opportunities for our young people to progress into the next phases of their education, training or employment


Will Carpenter

Executive Head Teacher

July 2021

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