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Wakefield Pupil Referral Units

New beginnings, Brighter futures


The Creative subject at the Priory Centre is a fluid subject, with only a few guidelines, where students can explore different mediums such as drawing, painting, design and crafting. When it comes to learning subjects in the classroom, there is often a right and wrong answer and pupils can become fearful of making mistakes. The Creative subject allows students the freedom to make mistakes, plan and problem solve around it and turn it into a masterpiece. There is no right or wrong way of expressing yourself. One of the biggest challenges as a member of staff is encouraging students to trust in their ability, to express themselves and embrace their uniqueness

During a Creative lesson a student can create and make a piece of work that has only been created by them. Handing over the control of a lesson to a pupil can have an impact on their socio-emotional process. Students can willingly create expressions of their emotions, safely communicate with others and develop their self-positivity in a nurturing classroom environment.