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Wakefield Pupil Referral Units

New beginnings, Brighter futures


The curriculum offer at The Priory Centre is rooted in the concept of new beginnings, brighter futures.

Whatever has led to a student arriving with us we firmly believe that they deserve the opportunity to raise their aspirations and improve their future prospects. To facilitate this, we base our academic curriculum on a core of key maths and English skills. Students are assessed to ensure they are being taught at the correct level and we have additional support targeting reading and numeracy skills.

Wrapped around this core we explore PSHCE, STEM, Creativity, Topic centred learning and the Princes Trust Scheme.

Our curriculum is designed to be relevant and relatable for all students; we engage and challenge students by involving them in the planning and giving choices of topics and themes.

The intention of our curriculum is to provide our students with the key skills and a rejuvenated love for learning that will stand them in good stead whatever their pathway through and from our school.