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New beginnings, Brighter futures

Imagination Gaming

"This academic year The Priory Centre has joined forces with Imagination Gaming to benefit from their experience in engaging, enthusing and educating students in a new and exciting way.

Imagination Gaming offer solutions to children's curriculum and social-skill development through play... not through technology, but through social gameplay and each other!

They use modern twists on traditional style table-top games in the classroom environment with all ages and abilities, an activity that not only enables interaction, focus and enjoyment, but requires a spectrum of personal skills, with measured cooperation and competitiveness key to success as well.

The games used are very visually enticing and cover a variety of themes and mechanics that, along with the unique approach of the Imagination Gaming 'Games Masters', can act to quickly engage the most reticent of students.

By building positive relationships and experiences through more easily accessible games, continually more challenging games can be introduced. While all games will involve mathematical, communication and/or physical skills, as well as concentration and social awareness, more complex games will require the demonstration and development of more nuanced skills, such as negotiation, lateral thinking and long term strategy.

With long term, regular intervention the Imagination Gaming team have a track record of nurturing students' personal and interpersonal skills, and self-confidence, and helping them towards winning ways.

For more information please visit or contact them directly at