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Wakefield Pupil Referral Units

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Wakefield Pupil Referral Units (WPRUs)

Special Educational Needs Policy

Policy Statement
This policy outlines the underlying principles and values central to the ethos of the WPRUs.
It promotes the rights and responsibilities of our learning community based on respect, fairness, social inclusion and equality that underpin the management of Special Educational Needs (SEN) within our Centres.
All learners at the WPRUs are offered help, advice and support if they have ‘Special Educational Needs’ (SEN). That is they have a learning difficulty or disability that makes it harder for them to learn than most learners of the same age. This difficulty may be academic (e.g. reading or spelling), emotional, social, behavioural or physical.


WPRUs are fully committed to Inclusion.
Many learners attending our WPRUs have special educational needs as a consequence of emotional and behavioural difficulties. Some learners will have a range of other SEN, which may or may not have been identified prior to their attendance at the PRU.
We are committed to the following aims:

  • enable every learner to experience enjoyment and success
  • ensure that all learners, whatever their special educational needs, receive an appropriate educational provision through a broad and balanced personalised curriculum that is relevant, differentiated, and that demonstrates progression in learning
  • give learners with SEN equal opportunities to take part in all aspects of the school’s provision, as is appropriate
  • ensure that learners with SEN have opportunities to receive and make known information, to express an opinion, and have that opinion taken into account in any matters affecting them
  •  identify, assess, record and regularly review learners’ progress and needs
  •  involve parents/carers in planning and supporting at all stages of their learner’s development
  • work collaboratively with parents, other professionals and support services
  • ensure that the responsibility held by all staff and relevant Management Committee members for SEN is implemented and maintained.
  • foster individual confidence and a positive attitude

Teaching and Learning
All learners with SEN will be supported to ensure that they receive the appropriate teaching and learning experiences to make optimum progress.
Learners’ academic, social, emotional and behavioural skills will be encouraged to develop by establishing high expectations in all lessons including enrichment, social and tutor times. Positive reinforcement and negative sanctions are used to pro-actively engage or re-engage learners with the education process.
Classroom expectations are displayed in classrooms and around the centres. In conjunction with these practical strategies for intervention, full use is made of support from the Educational Psychology Service, Learning Support Service, Behaviour Support Service, Education Welfare Service, Police, Connexions Service, YOT, Local Hub and Social Services multi-agency teams.


Involvement of parents or carers
In line with the WPRUs general ethos, positive reinforcement through telephone calls, texts and postcards is used to contact parents or carers and praise learners with SEN.
Also parents or carers of learners with SEN who are causing concern will be contacted at the earliest possible stage to discuss strategies and support for individual learners.
Parents or carers of learners with SEN will be kept informed as partners in the process, of the strategies that are being used, progress and involvement of outside agencies.

Monitoring and Evaluation
The WPRUs will regularly audit the effectiveness of the SEN Policy. This will inform the WPRUs Improvement Plan and lead to identification of targeted training for all staff implementing the policy.

Special considerations
In line with the Wakefield system, WPRUs only accommodate learners who have already been permanently excluded from their mainstream settings. Therefore by definition this results in there being no learners in the centres with an EHC plan.
However, occasionally a minority of students require more in depth Interventions from the SENCO which can lead to requiring Statutory Assessment through the completion of a My Support Plan and EHC (Education, Health and Care plan) in line with the SEND Code of Practice 0 – 25 (September 2014)
From time to time the EHC plan may name the WPRUs as the main support centre for managing the learner’s transition back to mainstream or a further alternative provision.