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Wakefield Pupil Referral Units

New beginnings, Brighter futures

Values & Ethos

The Priory Centre

The Priory Centre provides education for pupils in KS2 and KS3 who have been permanently excluded from their mainstream school.  We operate from two sites across the district and aim to place students at the site that will enable them to achieve the greatest success.

Our ethos is one in which pupils are welcomed and given opportunities to succeed and make progress in learning in its broadest sense.  Each day is a fresh start and pupils are encouraged to build on their successes and learn from their mistakes.

We deliver a wide ranging curriculum centred on English and Maths with a myriad of opportunities to explore Science, Technology, PE, Art and a broad range of enrichment activities. 

We spend time getting to know how our pupils learn and where they are in their learning journey and then tailor the curriculum to meet their needs and abilities.  We also offer a 12 week step out program.

We know our pupils well pastorally and have high expectations about how they conduct themselves in and around the centre and on off-site activities. We frame our conversations around choice and consequence and work hard to form and sustain positive relationships. We use a restorative approach to maintain relationships and to teach appropriate ways to resolve conflict.

We aim to move pupils on to appropriate provision whether mainstream or specialist settings or the KS4 Springfield Centre.