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Wakefield Pupil Referral Units

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Wakefield Exclusion Team


This is the local authority’s team that advises on exclusions from school.

Their Exclusion Helpline is

01924 307319 or email:

Please ring them for impartial advice on anything to do with your child’s exclusion.


The government’s official guide about exclusions can be found at

When your child is excluded and the total days for the term are more than 15 or the exclusion is permanent, they will send you a booklet of information through the post. EXCLUSION is a very serious step and not one to be taken lightly. Only the Head of School or PRU or Academy Principal has the power to exclude a pupil. Exclusion can only be given when:

a pupil breaks the school or academy’s behaviour code (the school rules)


it would seriously harm the education or welfare of themselves or others if they stayed in the school.

Pupils cannot be excluded for more than 45 days each school year. Before deciding to exclude, a pupil should give their views about what has happened.

UNOFFICIAL OR ILLEGAL EXCLUSIONS It is never legal for any school to send a pupil home to ‘cool off’ even when parents have agreed. All sending home for misbehaviour must be recorded as an official and legal exclusion. Asking school how the pupil is recorded in the attendance log should show a code ‘E’ when excluded.

INFORMING PARENTS OF AN EXCLUSION Schools must tell parents of an exclusion. Usually this is by telephone first then by letter. If no letter arrives, parents must ring school to ask if the exclusion is official.

WHAT ABOUT A PUPIL’S EDUCATION? For the first 5 days of an exclusion the school should take reasonable steps to set and mark work for pupils. From the 6th day of a fixed-period exclusion the school MUST provide alternative fulltime education. For a permanent exclusion, a pupil must go to a Pupil Referral Unit (PRU). Staff will contact you to arrange a visit.

PARENT’S RIGHTS If a parent is unhappy about an exclusion their child has received, they should first try talking to the school direct. Parents also have the right to put their case in writing and also in person to the school or academy governing body. Who to contact will be in the letter the school sends home telling the parent about the exclusion.

FOR A PERMANENT EXCLUSION WHY IS THERE A GOVERNORS MEETING? The governors will decide if the permanent exclusion was the right action to take. They hear all the evidence about the exclusion and the reasons why the Head decided to exclude. Parents are always invited to attend, to put forward their case about the exclusion which governors must take into account before making their decision. If governors agree that the permanent exclusion was the right decision, then the pupil stays at the Pupil Referral Unit (PRU). If parents are unhappy with this decision, they can apply for an Independent Review. Details about this will be in the letter sent by the Local Authority.